• Construction

      JUBATEC provides engineering services in machine- and steel-construction of complex parts made from metal and plastic.
Designing plastic parts is just as familiar for us, as the complexity of gears, engine components, and complex assemblies.
      By using the latest 3D design software, problems can already be identified and addressed during the deisgn process. This yields a quick and economic approach towards the final product design.
With our professional software Pro-Engineer, we have the opportunity to read all data from other CAD systems, as well as to modify it.

    • Creation of manufacturing blueprints

      With years of experience in the automotive sector, we have mastered drawings which include surface detail as well as form and position tolerances.
Drawings that are already optimized for the manufacturing process are the basis for fast and cost-effective implementation of production.

    • Prototypes

      Working in close cooperation with local businesses, which specialize in each case of the required product, it makes it possible for us to deliver near-production prototypes within a short period of time.
Examples include: stereo lithography, vacuum castings, machining and non-cutting processing.

    • Bill of materials

      Parallel to construction, we’re welcome to compile module-specific bills of materials. This makes it possible for the customers to obtain an overview of the project cost during the design process, and to already select the vendors. Thus, if neecessary, cost-related adjustments can be made to the product design.

    • Technical documentation

      As an all-inclusive provider, we create assembly instructions, settings instructions or service manual for the customer.